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The following stories are in Retropolis news as of late:

Manifest Destiny
As of December 1st of 2002, Retropolis has officially acquired the recorded song catalogs of Industry and Rhythmicon. These two bands were the electronica predecessors of Retropolis, and the acquisition of their respective song catalogs into the Retropolis fold is a most welcome addition indeed. The material, which spans as far back as December of 1991, has been digitally remastered directly from the original sound source equipment, completely bypassing analog audio tape quality issues, or lack thereof as the case would have been.

My Kingdom For A Discography
Now that Retropolis has expanded its available audio library, a comprehensive Discography page has not only been warranted but has already been added to this website. It chronicles the complete recorded song catalog to date of all things Retropolis.

There's Math In Them Thar Hills
The complete Fuzzy Math album can now be downloaded or streamed by clicking the Music link. You'll find three select tracks from the latest Retropolis recording present and accounted for.