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Retropolis is a thought-provoking and encompassing endeavor which champions the manipulation and crystallization of sound. The music of Retropolis can perhaps best be characterized by its layered lattice of pronounced electronic rhythm patterns and minimalist mechanical timbres, seasoned with synthesized rhythmic and melodic accompaniments. The pure, unadulterated rhythm textures are generated by a mélange of both vintage and more contemporary drum and rhythm machines, some possessing analog circuitry and some digital. The machines of yesterday once enabled people to create the music of tomorrow. Retropolis supports the notion that yesterday's machines continue to perform this function today, and the music of Retropolis is testimony to this firmly-held position. In the studio, Retropolis approaches the creation process much as a scientist in a testing laboratory conducts research. Using the aforementioned assortment of drum machines as the apparatus, audio data is collected and then processed empirically via intense experimentation and observation. The resulting conclusions are then recorded and prepared for playback analysis. On the stage, Retropolis treats the step editor as if it were one of the instruments, crafting sequences and mixing patterns, expanding variations on singular themes into extended hypnotic jam sessions. In effect, the music is literally being written as it is being performed, thus bridging the gap between real-time and step-time recording, seamlessly blurring the lines between studio and stage. Retropolis retools the conventional pop song structure inherent in mainstream music, and presents songs instead as free-form vignettes; sparing strokes of vibrant, living color on the canvas of sound. In the process, a new format has effectively been pioneered, launching Retropolis headlong into the self-propelled world of invigorating electronic music with an intelligent and nostalgic sensibility.